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Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Now $499 @ Amazon!

Price: $499.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Grab the Motorola Xoom Tablet for the new low price of $499 (originally $599) over at Amazon.

Redefining the tablet by providing more ways to have fun, connect with friends and stay productive on the go, the Motorola XOOM boasts a dual core processor with each core running at 1 GHz, 10.1-inch widescreen HD display, and ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking. Winner of the Best of Show award at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the XOOM also offers support for Adobe Flash Player--enabling you to view the web without compromise.

It runs Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, which offers a multi-touch, holographic user interface that improves on Android favorites such as widgets, multi-tasking, browsing, notifications and customization. It also offers the latest Google Mobile innovations, including Google Maps 5.0 with 3D interaction, access to over 3 million Google eBooks and Google Talk with video and voice chat.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC - $649.99 (AT&T) or $599.99 (T-Mobile) w/ Free shipping

Samsung Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile)

List Price: $749.99
Price: $599.99 Free Shipping
You Save: $150.00 (20%)

Grab the Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC for $649.99 (AT&T) or $599.99 (T-Mobile) w/ free shipping over at Amazon.

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Enjoy a rich, brilliant viewing experience wherever you roam with the Android-powered, 3G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab mobile tablet for T-Mobile--a powerful, entertainment device ideal for home or on the go. Weighing just 1 pound, it features a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen display with 3D-like graphics, speedy 1 GHz processor, and the Android 2.2 operating system--all in a sleek and compact form factor.

With integrated Google technology, the Galaxy Tab brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search by voice, Google Maps with Street View, Gtalk, YouTube, Picasa, and contacts/calendar synchronization. And through Android Market, you'll get access to thousands of useful applications, widgets and fun games to download and install on your phone, with many more apps being added every day.

Technical Details

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab from AT&T comes with 16 GB of embedded memory
  • Android 2.2-powered mobile tablet with 7-inch touchscreen--perfectly sized for slipping in your pocket or backpack
  • Rear 3-MP camera for photos and video; front-facing 1.3-MP camera for video chats
  • Ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity; microSD memory expansion; multi-format digital media player
  • Up to 13 hours of battery power from 4000 mAh battery; released in November, 2010
eLocity A7 Android 2.2 Tablet Pre-order Deal: $369.99 (Save $60)

List Price: $429.99
Price: $369.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping
You Save: $60.00 (14%)

 Pre-Order the Amazon exclusive eLocity 7-Inch Touchscreen Tablet for $369.99

The brand new eLocity 7-inch tablet has 1080p HDMI output, Flash support, Android 2.2 operating system, NVIDIA Tegra II processor, 3D gaming, and more for just $369.99. Package includes one HDMI cable, one USB cable, and earphones.

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Product Details:

eLocity 7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 with Capacitive Touch Screen, 1080p Viewing and 3-Axis Accelerometer for 3D Gaming

This revolutionary new Internet Tablet from eLocity combines the power of a lightning-quick PC with the functionality and mobility of a smartphone to create the ultimate technology companion. More powerful than any smartphone and faster than the iPad, this sleek unit is has the fastest mobile CPU available today – NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, Dual ARM 9 CPU (1GHz clock speed) with 8 separate processors that can run independently or together for maximum performance. Built for the Android 2.2 operating system, this versatile device allows constant access to the web with built-in Wi-Fi and can be customized in virtually unlimited ways through thousands of Android apps available online. Power and speed are key features, but equally impressive are the bright, crisp 7-inch screen and the HDMI output that allows you to send HD media to a big screen TV in true 1080p high definition. And the 3-axis accelerometer will bring your games to life… arcade style. Enjoy your favorite movies, music, or 3D games on the go and never worry about power – with up to 5 hours of video or a hundred hours of music on a single charge of the 2-cell Lithium Polymer battery, this affordable tablet will probably outlast you!


Cheap Tablet PC: Archos 9 w/ Windows 7 - $389.99 (Reg. $549.99) Shipped!

Archos 9 PC Tablet (Black)

List Price: $549.99
Price: $389.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping
You Save: $160.00 (29%)

Grab the Archos 9 PC Tablet with Windows 7 for $389.99 (reg. $549.99) over at Amazon.

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Key Specifications

8.9-inch LED-backlit resistive touchscreen display (1024 x 600 pixels)
Optical finger navigation system (trackpoint) as well as integrated left and right mouse buttons
1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z515 processor (400 MHz front-side bus speed, 512 KB L2 cache, 2W maximum power consumption)
60 GB hard drive
1 GB of installed DDR2 RAM (400 MHz)
Integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics
1.3-megapixel webcam with built-in microphone for easy video chats
Built-in stereo speakers
54g Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g)
Bluetooth 2.0+EDR connectivity enables you to connect to peripherals such as mice as well as tether wirelessly to a compatible mobile phone's cellular connection (additional charges applicable).
Fast Ethernet (10/100) via optional port replicator
One USB 2.0 port with additional two USB ports via optional port replicator
VGA video output via optional port replicator
Up to 5 hours of battery life via removable Lithium Polymer battery
Dimensions: 10.07 x 5.28 x 0.67 inches (WxDxH)
Weight: 29 ounces (1 pound, 13 ounces)


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Information on Tablet PCs:

Tablet PC is a laptop PC equipped with a stylus or a touchscreen. This form factor is intended to offer a more mobile PC; Tablet PCs may be used where notebooks are impractical or unwieldy, or do not provide the needed functionality.

The term Tablet PC was made popular in a product announced in 2001 by Microsoft, where it was defined as a pen-enabled computer conforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running a licensed copy of "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition" operating system or a derivative thereof. Tablet PCs are personal computers where the owner is free to install any compatible application or operating system. Other tablet computer devices, such as eBook readers or PDAs, do not provide this option and are generally considered another category. The original Microsoft licensing specification required proximity sensing of the stylus, which Microsoft termed "hover". This requirement was dropped with the later announcement of the UMPC.

Tablets vs. traditional notebooks
The advantages and disadvantages of tablet PCs are highly subjective measures. What appeals to one user may be exactly what disappoints another. The following are commonly cited opinions of the tablet PC platform:

Usage in environments not conducive to a keyboard and mouse such as lying in bed, standing, or handling with a single hand. Lighter weight, lower power models can function similarly to dedicated reading devices like the Amazon Kindle. Touch environment makes navigation easier than conventional use of keyboard and mouse or touch pad in certain contexts such as image manipulation, or mouse oriented games.
Digital painting and image editing is enhanced and more realistic than painting or sketching with a mouse. The ability for easier or faster entering of diagrams, mathematical notations, and symbols.
Allows, with the proper software, universal input, independent from different keyboard localizations. Some users find it more natural and fun to use a stylus to click on objects rather than a mouse or touchpad, which are not directly connected to the pointer on screen.

Higher cost — convertible tablet PCs can cost significantly more than their non-tablet counterparts although this premium has been predicted to fall.
Input speed — handwriting can be significantly slower than typing speeds, the latter of which can be as high as 50-150 WPM; however, Slideit, Swype and other technologies are able to provide alternate, speedier methods of input.
Screen and hinge damage risk - Tablet PCs are handled more than conventional laptops, yet are built on similar frames; in addition, since their screens also serve as input devices, they run a higher risk of screen damage due to impacts and misuse. A convertible tablet PC's screen hinge is often required to rotate around two axes, unlike a normal laptop screen, subsequently increasing the number of possible mechanical and electrical (digitizer and video cables, embedded WiFi antennas, etc.) failure points.
Ergonomics - a tablet PC does not provide room for a wrist rest while the screen is folded into slate mode. In addition, the user will need to move their arm constantly while writing. Weaker video capabilities - Most tablet PCs are equipped with embedded graphics processors instead of discrete graphics cards. In July 2010, the only tablet PC with a discrete graphics card was the HP TouchSmart tm2t, which has the ATI Mobility Radeon HD5450 as an optional extra.

Major tablet PC Manufacturers include Acer, AIS, Apple Inc., Asus, Bosanova, Electrovaya, Fujitsu, Gateway, Inc.,G-NET, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo Group, LG Electronics, MobileDemand, Motion Computing, Motiontek, NEC, Panasonic, Quaduro-Systems, TabletKiosk and Toshiba.